Triceps and elbow health, training longevity


Why is it that it takes years to put some strength on, you then diet down and it all disappears in a matter of months?

In full winter bulk mode and strength is coming back at a snails pace, I thought there was a thing called muscle memory and it meant strength would come back real quick??

Muscle memory do you even exist?

Back to an easy 125kg for 3×3 on close grip bench with a 2 count pause on chest and 44kg x 8 for dumbbell shoulders, still a way to go but was really happy with these milestones. Lower body is a train wreck though, so just focusing on the “beach” muscles.

By the way the best movements for triceps are close grip bench and dips with or without weight. Take your time working up to a heavy weight to get you joints warmed up, I always superset my warm ups with light dumbbell curls to really get those elbows nice and warm.
After you have done your heavy sets (3-5 reps) finish off with a few sets of 8-15 to get that pump – simple.

That’s all you need, bro tip stay away from heavy extensions, eventually most people will wreck their elbows doing these.

The older I get, the more I regret doing all the dumb ass, gung ho shit I did when I was younger, my lower back is pretty jacked up coz of if. Luckily my elbows aren’t too bad. Train sensibley and have no regrets. I used to love squatting but now I can’t even leg press heavy. As the meathead millionaire says “protect yourself before you wreck yourself”.

Food and volume

Calories are up and so is my training volume. No brainer here, the more you eat, the better your capacity to train harder.

Personally the older I get the more I am  loving the higher volume, lighter old school style training, no easy fixes, no quick wins, just lots of sets and reps.

Currently on a 3 day split:
Day 1: Back width and chest
Day 2: Shoulders and back thickness
Day 3: Legs

Here is what went down today, bear in mind my lower back is jacked up, so no movements like bent or t-bar rows or deadlifts.

Db curls
14kg x 10

Db shoulder press
20kg x 10, 12
24kg x 10
30kg x 6
34kg x 6
42kg x 8
36kg x 9
30kg x 12
24kg x 15

Db side laterals
8kg x 10
12kg x 15, 15, 12

Db rows
30kg x 10
36kg x 8
44kg x 6
60kg x 13
46kg x 10
40kg x 12, 12, 12

Cable Rows
1/2 stack x 10
Full stack x 10

Incline chest supported Db rows
22kg 10, 12

Standing cable rows
40kg x 12, 15

Rear delt machine
1/3 stack x 10
1/2 stack x 10, 10, 12

Db curls
20kg x 12
12kg x 15

Catch Up & Gout

Quick blog post catch up.

Currently trying to pack on some size this autumn/winter and get my weight up to around 95kg from a summer low of 85kg. The plan would be to start dropping weight at the start of May 2015 and hit 90kg by mid July 2015 with the same bodyfat as I was this summer i.e. 5kg more muscle.

I am having real trouble with the new job, hours and a lots of travel in getting enough clean calories to break 90kg.  Until I can get in a routine at work (easier to clean bulk then), I have gone on a semi dirty/dream bulk.

Only problem is  I had my first gout attack for ages after about 10 days of doing this. I think it is a culmination of too much sugar and meat, alongside a slightly heavier bodyweight. I do know there is a relationship between gout attacks and being overweight, so it’s possibly pushing my body out of equilibrium this weight gain?

So I have cleaned up my eating a little to see if I can put on the weight without eating so much crap. If I get 2 more gout attacks before Xmas then it is my body telling me to stop being a prick and I will jack in this bulk and drop down to 85kg (or less) instead – must be getting old, can’t keep on taking liberties.

Training is mixed, my lower back is pretty screwed still, I can’t  train squats, deadlifts or even do heavy leg presses with any intensity. I try to squat maybe once or twice a month but this usually leaves my back toast for days.

So basically I can’t train legs properly, been trying to maintain as much as I can by doing Bulgarian split squats and deficit stiff legged deadlifts – weirdly these are okay but normal deadlifts, when I’m more upright do me in bigtime. I think I’m losing the battle in terms of maintenance but am still fighting as hard as my lower back will let me.

One thing that I like to do that gives my legs a good burn are Prowler sprints. This properly kills you, I try to do as many sprints up and down the gym (1 round)  in 10 minutes. My best is 5 times with 40kg on the prowler but felt so ill after this (prowler flu?), I think it is the astroturf/friction that makes it so hard. Love this thing!

I did have a muscle up obsession a few months back but had to stop doing them as they were blowing up my elbows, saw a couple of dudes doing them in the gym today that inspired me to give them a go, managed to crank out 3 but at a heavier bodyweight, quite happy with that. The good thing is that my elbows held out.

One plus point is that my upper bodystrength is coming back slowly, still some way to go but this is where I’m at:

  • 42.5kg dumbbell shoulder presses for 8 reps (full rom)
  • 120kg Close grip bench with 2 count pause on chest for a couple of clean reps
  • Pull ups with an additional 20kg for 6 reps
  • 60kg DB rows x 13 clean reps

I do think that not being able to train my lower body heavy is holding my upper body strength gains back a lot. Nothing gets you strong overall than heavy squats and deads.