Low Testosterone and the NHS


The NHS normal Testosterone range is a joke.

Bear in mind I am lifetime drug free, never even touched a prohormone but have been showing symptoms of low test for the last couple of years.

If you don’t know, low testosterone is becoming more common mainly due to environmental issues such as drinking water, food packaging, hormones in food etc. Symptoms can include the following low energy, diminishing strength, lack of drive, low mood, tiredness, increased anxiety, harder to maintain or build muscle, low libido etc.

Referencing a variety of resources, the general consensus is that the healthiest men have a range between 400-600 mg/dl, with the average being 679 ng/dL and anything below 400 is a bit of a disaster.

My blood was drawn early morning when testosterone is naturally at it’s highest during the day and measured a measly 325.6 mg/dL / 11.3 nmol/L, so significantly less than the 679 mg/dL average – NO wonder I am losing all my #gains #brah

Unfortunately the NHS range has me classified as normal, so no treatment available, I really don’t understand how the range for “Normal” can be so wide and why it isn’t broken down by age i.e. a 70 year man will have a different normal range than an 18 year old??

Anyways rant over but just wanted to do my bit to raise awareness a little.

For the time being, I better make sure my training and nutrition are on point otherwise I will have no gains left.

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Eating clean when pressed for time and budget

Eating clean when you don’t have much time or money is still achievable.

You may not have time to bulk buy whole foods (cheaper & healthier) or prep it (time intensive) but being sensible about what you choose can still mean you can stick to your diet.

In these instances you can’t beat some good old rotisserie chicken when you are pressed for time or can’t be bothered to cook.

Got myself a 1.5kg chicken, 2 packs of microwave brown rice and some fresh broccoli for less than £7.

Prep time = a minute to cut and wash broccoli for 3 decent sized meals for £2.33 per meal which is about the cost of a poor quality shop bought sandwich.

You may want to remove the skin if you are watching your fats but I love me a bit of chicken skin.

Alternatively replace the rotisserie chicken with 3 tins of tuna and some salsa.


Rotisserie chicken

Coenzyme Q10 health benefits


Been trying this CoQ10 / ubiquinol for boosting energy and helping recovery recently, running 600mg per day.

It was on deal (always a Sucka for a deal) and Doctors Best are a decent brand that I trust to make quality supplements using top ingredients, so was worth the punt.

Finished the tub but unfortunately I can’t say I felt any benefits, won’t be buying anymore. Shame as I was really hoping to feel more energized without having to resort to loads pf coffee.

There are other reported benefits such as heart health and anti-cancer but I can’t make a call on those as they are hard to measure/quantify outside a lab.